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BizNotes icon BizNotes is available on two platforms:

With both platforms available, which should you install first? The Apple iPad package – as you cannot unlock the power of the Windows package until you have purchased the iPad package from the Apple Store (the Windows version comes free with your iPad application purchase).

BizNotes for Apple iPad® (iOS)

The most common device to use with BizNotes is the iPad as that is the most portable system for taking business notes. Unlike the Windows package that can (and should be) downloaded from this site for free, you can only obtain BizNotes for the iPad from the iOS (Apple) App Store.

We highly recommend you install BizNotes on the iPad before installing the Windows package.

BizNotes for Windows® PC      Download

BizNotes on the Windows PC is a free companion to your iPad version. To unlock the full functionality, you should complete the following steps in order:

  1. Purchase and install the Apple iPad BizNotes package from the App Store using the link above.
  2. Run BizNotes on the iPad and immediately synchronize to set up your secure BizNotes server account with your e-mail address, password, and encryption phrase.
  3. After initial setup is completed, you will receive an e-mail that contains a web link that will activate your account.
  4. Perform a synchronization on your iPad to initialize your data content on the BizNotes server.
  5. Download the free Windows BizNotes package.
  6. Run BizNotes on the Windows system and immediately synchronize to set up your secure BizNotes server account with the same e-mail address, password, and encryption phrase that you used on your iPad.

You are now ready to enjoy the full functionality of BizNotes on your Windows system!

What if you install the Windows version first just to try it out – will it still work? The answer is yes, but with a number of limitations:

You can now understand why we recommend installing the iPad package first.