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ucode0.gif (1635 bytes)The firmware within the Rally Clock/Timer System has been road-tested for over a decade.

Even with such solid performance history, there are enhancements requested that MICROCode Consulting will provide from time-to-time.

The current version of MICROCode Consulting's Rally Clock/Timer System is 2.4

New in this version is the ability to reset the unit to factory settings and to completely recalibrate the clock using a good reference timing standard. You can purchase the upgrade or, if you have received the upgrade, follow the installation instructions below. The latest documentation for the Rally Clock/Timer System can be viewed or downloaded.

Purchasing the TSD Rally Clock Upgrade

All current owners of MICROCode Consulting's Rally Clock/Timer System can upgrade their unit to the latest version. As described in the next section, it does involve the replacement of a computer chip as described in the next section. If you are not comfortable replacing the chip yourself, please contact MICROCode Consulting to make other arrangements.
TSD Rally Clock Upgrade
$24.99 USD + $2.99 USD shipping

Performing the Upgrade

Before you start the upgrade process, ensure you are working in a clean and static-free area. Work where there is plenty of light and where you can sit to minimize generating static electricity that could damage the system.
  1. Remove power from the TSD rally unit.
  2. Open up the TSD unit and lay the cover fully flat to expose the electronics. Remove any battery that might be installed.
  3. Identify the main chip which is socketed. Note the orientation where there is a small identation on the end of the chip closest to the left side of the clock.
  4. Using a small screwdriver carefully, SLIGHTLY pry up one end of the chip. Then pry up the other end SLIGHTLY. Go back and forth slowly raising each end until the chip is out of the socket. WARNING: Be very careful to insert the screwdriver between the chip and the socket and NOT between the socket and the circuit board!!!
  5. Remove the old chip.
  6. Remove the new chip from its shipping package. Avoid touching the pins as much as possible.
  7. Orient the chip properly (indentation end is closest to left side of clock) and position over the chip socket properly. Each pin on the chip should be lined up with its matching socket slot.
  8. Gently but firmly push the chip into the socket. The chip should go in straight, Do NOT push down one side and then the other side of the chip to insert it!!! WATCH CAREFULLY that pins DO NOT bend. The chip should now be completely seated in the socket.
  9. Recheck that the chip is seated fully with no bent pins and is in the correct orientation.
  10. Install the battery and start the TSD Rally Clock. The new version should appear at the startup screen..