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DebugZ is a powerful visual debugger for Z-80 processors running under QP/M, CP/M 2.x and compatibles.

Features of DebugZ include:

DebugZ was born out of frustration with existing low-cost/free debuggers and high-cost of more powerful debuggers (which also lacked desirable features).  All of the later MICROCode Consulting Z-80 software employed DebugZ as part of the development process.


Package Version Date Size (bytes) Download time
(28.8K baud)
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DebugZ software 1.2 Apr 1989 61k 22sec debugz.lbr
DebugZ documentation 1.2 Dec 2005 155k 1min 1sec debugz.pdf
DebugZ software and documentation 1.2 Dec 2005 123k 44sec debugz.zip


Installation of this package entails running NULU on your CP/M or QP/M system and extracting the files to your system to the same drive/user area where you wish to execute DebugZ.

This is restricted for personal use software that is provided without any warranty whatsoever as described in the legacy Z-80 home page.