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LinkZ is a fast and powerful replacement linker for QP/M and CP/M systems from MICROCode Consulting.  Written in Z-80 assembler language for small size and quick execution, features of LinkZ include: LinkZ was the first of what was intended to be a complete development package called Z.  Other intended tools were MacroZ and LibZ, but these latter tools were never completed.  (Not much chance they ever will be now.)


Package Version Date Size (bytes) Download time
(28.8K baud)
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LinkZ software for QP/M and CP/M 1.2 Sep 1984 6016 3sec lz.com
LinkZ documentation 1.2 Aug 1986 196k 1min 11sec linkz.pdf
LinkZ software + documentation 1.2 Aug 1986 137k 49sec linkz.zip


Install the software package entails moving LZ.COM onto your CP/M or QP/M system to some drive/user area, likely drive A, user 0 as this is operating system area where you would want LinkZ located.

This is restricted for personal use software that is provided without any warranty whatsoever as described in the legacy Z-80 home page.
1SASI is a hardware and software standard that uses a bi-directional parallel interface and employs a pre-defined protocol for communication with mass storage devices (such as as hard drive controller).  SASI is the natural predecessor to the SCSI interface.