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The Lightning AccuTimers family continues to grow and now offer a family of large wireless display units to fit any budget. Small clubs and groups should consider the Remote Display Interface or the 8-inch LED Wireless Display. Larger groups or producers should consider the 10-inch LED Wireless Display. Here are the common attributes for the displays:

Here are the large displays for the any arena environment:

Remote Display Interface
Add remote displays to any system using our console. When connected with any HDMI-capable monitor of your choice, these remote units:
  • Plugs into any HDMI-capable monitor while wirelessly connecting to the console unit
  • Viewing distances are much longer than typical scoreboard displays; a 48-inch LED display has a viewing distance well over 200 feet!
  • Display offers several settings including current time, current plus best time, and custom messages
  • Our lowest cost option
8-inch LED Wireless Display
8-inch LED wireless display
Our most popular display, the 8-inch LED Wireless Display package contains:
  • One wireless display containing a 5-digit display with 8-inch high digits
  • One AC power adapter
  • The bright-red display is water-resistant (can handle light rain)
  • Easy transportable unit weighs less than 10 pounds
  • The most affordable 8-inch display on the market
  • Dimensions: 29 inches wide by 9 inches tall by 1-3/4 inch deep
  • Can be hung on any vertical surface via its two eye hooks or propped against any surface
10-inch LED Wireless Display
10-inch LED wireless display
Our 10-inch LED Wireless Display is an industrial-grade system that is designed to be used anywhere with the following features:
  • One wireless display containing a 5-digit display with 10-inch high digits
  • One AC power adapter and cord
  • This intensely bright red display is IP65-certified for water-resistance and can be left permanently mounted
  • By far the most affordable 10-inch digit display on the market!
  • Dimensions: 38 inches wide by 13-3/4 inches tall by 4 inches deep
  • Can be hung on any vertical surface via its two eye hooks or left free-standing

This is a special-order system that has a 45-day delivery lead-time. Please plan accordingly.

All of these Lightning AccuTimers products (and more) can be found in the Lightning AccuTimers On-line Store.