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BizNote icon BizDo is an advanced task manager that is part of the BizNotes business productivity system. Used stand-alone or in conjunction with BizNotes, BizDo allows you to create any number of To-Do items using a fast, versatile, and powerful representation. Specifically, it was designed for a modern office environment where iPads, iPhones and desktops/laptops are used almost interchangeably. With BizDo, "almost" becomes "definitely". Every major feature in BizDo is provided in both the iOS version for the iPad and iPhone as well as the Windows version for your PC desktop or laptop.

So what is it about BizDo that distinguishes it from the hundreds of other task management applications? It works the way you work. You can create a task, assign it to an owner, categorize it, assign a due date, and track it easily by applying view filters to only see the tasks of interest. These tasks can be seen by all your devices plus those in the assigned group (if set).

Groups are a very powerful concept that allow you to share as well as compartmentalize your tasks. Groups consist of two or more people (having BizDo is not required) who should also see or monitor the task. For example, you might have groups called "Home Chores" (containing you and your family) and "Product Team" (containing your team at work). Unless the same person is in both groups, each person will only see tasks belonging to the group containing them. Optionally, the people in the group may have editing capability on each task as well as the ability to add members to the group.

Major features of BizDo:

As with most MICROCode Consulting products, BizDo was created to meet our needs and is used daily. We think it can meet your needs as well. So download BizDo and start increasing your productivity – today!